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Environment variables

Environment variables are system variables whose values are interpreted by our program or by the PGPLOT library. The run of the program can thus be influenced by setting certain environment variables. The setup scripts cora_setup_ksh and cora_setup_tcsh give some examples. In Sect. 5 the environment variable PGPLOT_DIR is mentioned which is required by PGPLOT. Further environment variables influencing the run of PGPLOT are listed in .

As an example we would like to focus on the environment variables PGPLOT_PS_HEIGHT (default value: 10500) and PGPLOT_PS_WIDTH (default value: 7800). In some LATEX packages like includegraphics, an included postscript file returned by PGPLOT may appear rotated by 90$^\circ$. To obtain a postscript file with the proper rotation, you can use iportrait=1, producing the plot in portrait format, and swap the values of PGPLOT_PS_HEIGHT and PGPLOT_PS_WIDTH.

Jan-Uwe Ness