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Description of input parameters

Two ways are provided for specifying input parameters. The most direct way is to write a parameter file in ASCII format. When starting the program, the name of the parameter file can be specified with (cf. Sect. 5)
cora_fit -i filename or cora -i filename

In order to simplify this procedure, a program cora_inp is delivered, writing a default parameter file taking into account the properties of a particular spectrum (the spectrum must be specified with option -s and must be an ASCII file as described in Sect. 5.1.1; spectrum.dat is the default filename, cf. Sect. 5).

The resulting file, to be specified with the option -i (default fit.inp), can then be edited for the individual requirements. Example call:
cora_inp -s spectrum.dat -i fit.inp
which is identical with just typing cora_inp, taking the default filenames. cora_inp simply finds the strongest line and determines good starting parameters for fitting this line. Detailed explanations of the parameters are added at the end of the parameter file to help with modifications by hand.

The other way is much more comfortable, but requires the GUI version of the program. The program is called with (cf. Sect. 5)
cora -s spectrum_file -i parameter_file
As default the spectrum is assumed to be named spectrum.dat, a parameter file must not be provided if default setting are sufficient. The above described procedure cora_inp will be called with the specified parameter file if it is not present.

In the parameter file, which is a plain ASCII text file, values are given just by entering the numbers. Switches are activated by entering the integer value 1 and deactivated by entering 0. The default parameter file contains descriptions for each parameter. Calling cora will give a graphical user interface where parameters can be entered in entry fields and switches can be activated/deactivated by mouse clicks.

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Jan-Uwe Ness