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Spectral lines

The number of lines to be fitted decides how many lines follow in the parameter file: For each line a wavelength value $\lambda$ (in units Å), a line width value (FWHM; units either Å or km/s; unit system for FWHM is explained later), a weight factor for eventual auxiliary conditions (default 0), flags for the profile function (0: Gauss, 1: Lorentz), fitting $\lambda$ or FWHM, eventual lock a line to the previous line, and a '' Beta'' value must be given. Therefore nlines must be followed by a list of nlines lines with start values of $\lambda_i$, FWHM_i, $f_i$ and flags $pro\_typ_i$, $FitLam_i$, $FitSig_i$, $LockLam_i$, and '' Beta'' in eight columns separated by blank or comma.

Jan-Uwe Ness